Given Circumstances

What Do We Know About The Scene?"

The "given circumstances" or GIVENS are what are provided to you:

- By the author/playwright
- The Director
- You the Actor from the context of the script.

This is used to allow the actor and director
to create and perform the character the required way!

Given Circumstances include:

PLACE  - (specifically where the scene takes place, and the character's "location" in the world)

SENSORY ELEMENTS - (heat, cold, any tactile sense, sight, hearing, physicalities, and handicaps)
RELATIONSHIPS - (with other characters and with all of the "givens" in the scene)

TIME PERIOD - (the past, present or the future)

TIME OF DAY - (the morning, afternoon, evening...or anything inbetween)

SEASON - (the spring, summer, fall or winter)

Amount of time the character may have to do whatever
- (in a rush, taking his/her time, on a deadline...etc)
Financial background or situation - (rich, poor and everything inbetween)
Family history or situation - (parents, siblings, extended family, adopted, orphan...etc)
Emotional situation - (well adjusted, psychotic, nervous, anxious, excited, in love...etc)
Employment - (the place of work, out of work, type of job, amount of work)
Future plans - (where is the character planning to go, do, become..etc)
Exposure to the world - (what kind of worldly experiences, do they travel, are they foreign, etc)
All Backstory can be a "GIVEN"

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