Improvisation (part 3) - Getting it Moving (Exercises 11 and 12)

IMPROV Part 3 - "Getting it Moving"


Work for Four Actors

Sit, Stand, Lie Down

Instructor: Supply the actors with one "Given Circumstance"

For example:
  • In a bakery
  • At a park
  • making breakfast
  • Changing a tire 

The actors must then create:

- A quick story - Four separate characters
- A location
- A conflict

NOTE: During the scene one person must always be in each of the required positions (Sitting, Standing, Kneeling, or Lying Down).
Remember: As one actor changes the others have to change positions!!!



Work for TRIOS

Anchor– “We interrupt this program to tell you about the (noun)________ and how the (Noun) who went to the (Location)__________” got ____________.

The actor playing the anchor get a few seconds to fill in the blanks on a piece of paper and they go!

The Game:
The Anchor will set up the story and then pass the story to the Reporter who is LIVE on the spot reporting. The person who is involved in the story is also revealed.

The Reporter and Anchor can continue passing the story back and forth as well.

NOTE: (going to a Commercial is also fun...the actors just break their role and play out the commercial together if need be)


Concept Reflection:
(answer the following)

What is a GIVEN?

What is STORY?

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