Studying and Rehearsing


Studying – (by YOURSELF)


-Studying is the private part of actor preparation; rehearsal is the public part.


-Studying leads you to the character: what your character wants, fears, expects, and is capable of trying. VOTE


-You do this entirely by yourself, but keep in mind director’s guidance. Your acting partner is not your consultant; his or her concern should be their character.


-The best acting scene will be the result of a dramatic confrontation between individualism that must be nurtured in private: thus the importance of private study.


Rehearsing – (with your CAST)
Rehearsal is repetition until all the lumps are gone.

-Rehearsals are a wonderful opportunity to practice & develop the dramatic confrontation between your character and acting partner’s character. Rehearsal originally meant “re-harrow” or “cultivate the field again” French -repetition



Rehearsal tips:


1.  Begin by “running lines” /read through


2. Don’t try to act - but don’t be monotone


3.  As you run lines, you will begin to slide into acting.


4.  This sliding will help you discover yourself in your role.


5.  As soon as comfortable run lines off book (try different locals or activities to be sure to get imprinted into your brain (set lines).


6.  Don’t try to analyze rehearsals -it causes scenes to lose freshness.


7. Never try to direct your partner (this causes self-consciousness).

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